Equal Opportunities

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We are big on diversity & opportunity

In line with our internal diversity policies and procedures, we actively encourage diversity in the workplace, employing people from a variety of social and ethnic groups throughout our business.

We have a completely non-discriminatory outlook to our hiring policy, recruiting employees solely based on their ability and capability. We strive to provide each of our employees with a fun and vibrant work environment, free from any discrimination related to gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnic background, religion, age, or disability and in order for them to reach their potential regardless of their background.

Our commitment to equality and inclusion is led by the board of directors, but the actual responsibility for ensuring that equality and inclusion issues are considered, met, and where required, improved, rests with each-and-every member of our team. From our open environment to our offer of offer flexi-time for new parents, we do all that we can to ensure nothing stops anybody from pursuing their career aspirations with us.